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The exquisite gadget are made in China

09-26-2009 (Sat), 10:00

I have been impressed by those exquisite gadgets.

Those gadgets appear in the virtual world first. Something like flying machine, skeletal horse or undead mage……when the virtual gadgets become real gadgets, you are sure to wonder what it is made from or who made them.

WoW players have enough passion to playing wow, but few of them keen on making a gadget that appears in WoW game. 

Handcraft may be a little strange to you. However, it is tradition in China. Our Chinese are known for ingenuity and meticulousness. We are willing to devote our time to catering to our interests.


Does this flying machine seem familiar to you? Hehe! Weaving looms were popular in ancient China. But it is not made by weaving machine; it is made by a wow player.


This handmade flying machine is 16CM long, 13CM wide and 12CM high. It's made of Non-woven fabric.

The other kind of medol is popular in China now!  the handmade doll!


I guess they are made from special plasticine. the color of the doll and size ratio must be consistent to the one in game, which ask for high observation ability and hands-on ability.As an old saying goes,one minute on stage takes ten years of practice.


Another chinese traditional art is paper cutting!  a little mistake in cutting can influence the whole work!

i will share you guys a Chinese paper cutting: Cataclysm

the pictures are from

#1 | 10-28-2009, 21:19

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