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Connectivity Issues 5/13 - 5/12/2009
Check out the update from Mythic Customer Service on the Connectivitiy Issue. 0
US Server - Scheduled Downtime for Maintenance - May 13th
The US servers will come down for maintenance on Wednesday, 13th May at 11:00 GMT / 7AM EDT. 0
Changelog 1.27 12/05/09
Here are the changes with the latest Version. 0
BlizzCon 2009 Exclusive Pet
Want to do your part to protect Azeroth from interstellar invasion? Everyone who attends BlizzCon 2009 or purchases the BlizzCon Pay Per View event via DIRECTV will be joined by a new World of Warcraft in-game companion, Grunty the murloc marine. 2
Are you just playing, or have you made a home?
Taborea's Master Couturiers have outdone themselves again and created a new collection for the catwalks of Varanas, proving artisan craftsmanship and creativity that made them famous. 0
New Game Play Trailer!!!
Check this out - nice stuff! 1
Server Maintenance - May 7th - Episode 4
The Episode 4 update is scheduled to be updated to the gamers on Thursday May 7. 0
Hot Fixes - 5/7/2009
We have the following Hot Fixes for you this morning: 0
Secret of the Treasure Trove revealed
New dungeon for Runes of Magic already deployed on the test server 0
Steampunk Goggles Giveaway!
Win a pair of steampunk goggles handcrafted just for Neo Steam! 0
Noteworthy Persons of WAR
There are great and charismatic heroes in all the armies of Warhammer. These are decisive figures in the battlefield, capable of tipping the scales of battle in their favor thanks to their powerful magic items and overwhelming skills. They are an important factor to take into account when one is picking a race to play. 0
Developer Introduction: Jarle Snertingdalen
Today Funcom announces the developer introduction of Jarle Snertingdalen the Associate Producer on Age of Conan Systems Team. 0
BlizzCon Tickets On Sale May 16
Tickets to this year's BlizzCon gaming convention, being held on August 21 and 22 in Anaheim, California, will go on sale worldwide on Saturday, May 16 for $125 each, with a second block of tickets going on sale Saturday, May 30. 0
1836 Patch Notes - May 5
Here are the notes for Patch 1836 going live today. 0
Golden Ticket Beta Announced!
Check out the details in this latest announcement. 0
Resource acquisition with the new plant system!
Craftsmen and artisans are always looking for the best materials, the rarest and most valuable ingredients.They have to travel far, climb the steepest hills and are always in danger of getting run over by roaming monsters only to harvest a few bits and pieces. 0
May Loot Wheel Rebate
That's right, if you haven't tried this thing out yet, now's the time! If you have tried it out, enjoy a free spin! Every spin is a win! 0
Struggle for Nordenwatch!
Along the rain-scoured coast of Nordland, spring is not a blessing. For while the end of winter signals a return of the growing season, it also heralds the thawing of the Sea of Claws. Now all eyes turn to the white foamed waves, searching for the first sign of invaders. It doesn't take long. 0
Grab Bag No. 15
Grab Bag Number 15! The latest Grab Bag covers a plethora of topics, as presented by the WAR Community on the Official Forums. 0
Global Creative Writing Update
The first Blizzard Entertainment global creative writing contest ended on April 12, but that's not the end of these epic tales. After over fifteen-hundred entries and millions of carefully chosen words, it’s now in the hands of the judges. 0

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